The Essential Role of an Employment Lawyer

Malvern business lawyers convey the invaluable services of an employment lawyer for your business.The laws governing the employer-employee relationship are always evolving. Every employer – regardless of the size and scope of their business – can benefit from working with a trusted employment lawyer.

Attorneys who practice in employment law serve a wide range of important functions. They guide and counsel business owners to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws. They also work with employers to maintain proper procedures on the “front end” that help to prevent potentially costly lawsuits.

Employment Defense Lawyer Services

Lawyers practicing in employment defense provide countless invaluable services.  These include:

Corporate Transactions: During large-scale corporate transactions, employment lawyers counsel employers in the separation and retention of employees, compliance with plant closings and mass layoff laws, and enforcement of restrictive covenants.

Employee Relations Counsel: Employment lawyers lead employers in compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws, with the goal of minimizing conflict and litigation. This includes ensuring that clients always operate in accordance with health and safety regulations and wage and hour laws. They can also assist in the preparation of employee handbooks and policies and contracts to confirm they are legally sound.

Employee Training: Employers often defer to legal counsel when training supervisors and other workers on many different workplace issues. They work with employers to prepare workshops and seminars addressing diversity and inclusion, harassment, reasonable accommodations, and proper interviewing and hiring procedures.

Employment Investigations: When an employee is accused of misconduct, any misstep by their employer can jeopardize an investigation and invite a lawsuit. An employment lawyer advises their clients investigating employees suspected of theft, discrimination, substance abuse, workplace violence, and other issues that arise.

Employment Litigation: Litigation is an unfortunate reality for many employers. Attorneys with experience representing clients at trials and appeals in both state and federal courts are best equipped to represent business owners facing discrimination, harassment, unemployment actions. and contract and labor disputes.

Choosing the Right Employment Law Firm

It makes sense for every business owner to establish a good working relationship with a skilled attorney experienced in representing employers in all employment law matters. Your employment lawyer should be in good standing with your state bar association and have a track record of satisfied clients in the private and public sectors.

Putting procedures and training in place is often the key to preventing disruptive litigation. MacMain Leinhauser offers a dedicated Employment and Labor Law Practice, featuring a full range of services for public and private sector employers. Led by Matthew Connell and Brian Leinhauser, our experienced team offers human resource counseling and training, workplace seminars, and representation in labor matters in state and federal courts and before civil rights and human relations commissions in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Let our skilled employment lawyers protect your business and your future. Call 484-318-7106 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Located in Malvern, we serve clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.