Employee Appreciation Day

West Chester employment law lawyers can advise you in creating an employee appreciation day.Employers who create a workplace where employees feel appreciated will create a workforce that is more engaged and loyal. Employers should create an environment where their employees feel valued every day. Even though it is highly recommended that employees should feel appreciated every day, employers are encouraged to dedicate one day of the year to celebrate them. Along with other important holidays, employers should also calendar the annual Employee Appreciation Day. This day always falls on a Friday and will be celebrated on the first of March this year.

How to Show Appreciation

Taking employees out to lunch is a standard way to show appreciation. Encourage team managers to take the team out for a celebratory lunch to a nice restaurant or have a luncheon at the office. A celebratory lunch gives everyone an opportunity to socialize and unwind at the end of a work week. Ensure that the luncheon is not about results or performance, but a genuine appreciation of each employee’s contribution to the company.

Sending employees home early is another way to show appreciation. Employees increasingly want a work-life balance and appreciate having extra time to spend with their families. Allowing employees to leave work early gives them an opportunity to pick up children from school, run errands, or indulge in a spa treatment. Giving them extra time for their personal needs will certainly make them feel valued.

Allow them to bring their pet to work. While some employers are allowing employees to bring their pets to work everyday, not all employers may want to implement a pet-friendly policy. However, having one day that employees can bring a pet to work is a great way to show appreciation.  Petting animals can be comforting and having pets around can create a sense of playfulness and relaxation in an office setting.

A Culture of Appreciation

A good way to instill a workplace culture of valued employees is to invest in employees’ growth and wellness.  To this end, employers can provide tuition assistance or financial allowance for continuing education.  Encouraging continuing learning shows employees that the company is interested in their growth and personal satisfaction.  Providing opportunities for further learning and acquisition of skills will benefit individual employees and the company.

Additionally, investing in employees’ health and wellness is a great way to show appreciation. Provide financial assistance with memberships to a gym or yoga studio. Encouraging employees to exercise and engage in stress relief is a good way to create a work force that is healthy and will increase productivity and efficiency.

Employers have a variety of ways to show appreciation to their employees. Employers should create a work environment where employees are respected and valued throughout the year. However, employers should not ignore this important holiday. Employers should express their gratitude in a sincere and authentic manner. A little appreciation will go a long way in creating a happy and efficient work force.

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