Why Employers Should Encourage Use of Vacation Time

West Chester employment lawyers encourage vacations to retain more productive employees.Encouraging the use of vacation time benefits employees, organizations and the economy.

In the modern economy, the greatest economic advantage a company will have is the positive and engaged brainpower of its employees. Human beings need to give their brains a break to be productive and engaged. It is vital for companies to institute polices that encourage their employees to take vacations. Investing in employee’s wellbeing can ultimately boost a company’s bottom line.

Majority of Americans do not use all their vacation time. Many American employees feel discouraged from taking a vacation due to the fear of seeming unproductive or falling behind on their work. However, taking vacation is beneficial to employers, employees and the general economy. Encouraging employees to take a break prevents burn out, boosts creativity, increases engagement in their work, and improves focus and productivity in employees.

Encouraging the use of vacation time also helps employees manage stress as the human brain needs to rest and relax. Vacation time helps employees feel rejuvenated and boosts their brainpower. Even though most U.S. employers provide some paid vacation time, many employees do not feel supported in taking vacation time off. The culture in many companies discourages employees from taking their vacation time. Therefore, employers should invest in changing the work culture and support employees in taking vacations.

Increased Productivity and Creativity

Contrary to popular belief about what constitutes productivity, studies have found that employees are more productive when they take a vacation. When employees are stressed about work and do not get the necessary break, their health can deteriorate. Sick employees are less productive. When the brain gets a break, it can lead to increased creativity.

Increased Retention

Employees who feel encouraged and supported to take vacation will be happier. If they are happy with their employer and feel supported, they will be more engaged and vested in the employer’s success. Overworked employees can burn out, which can cause them to leave their employers. They will likely stay with an employer that they feel cares about their well being.

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