Importance of Employee Appreciation for Every Business

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. Employee appreciation is an often-overlooked component of a positive and healthy workplace. It fosters positive morale, motivation, and job satisfaction among workers, which is true for every employee. Whether you are overseeing a global company or a small start-up, every employee wants to be recognized for their contributions. The following are ways to show your team you appreciate their hard work on Employee Appreciation Day and throughout the year:

Communicate Authentically

Employees often feel disconnected or invisible to upper management. Ongoing personal communications make a big difference in helping staff at every level feel seen and heard by their superiors. Even something as simple as saying “Good morning” or “How was your weekend?” fosters personal and meaningful connections that show employees they matter.

Provide Balanced Feedback

Researchers who studied the importance of appreciation in the workplace found that productive feedback from a manager was a primary way an employee felt valued. However, it is important to note that feedback that does not address areas for development is not always helpful, just as all negative feedback would be discouraging. Balance is key.

Consider Flexibility

Today’s workers are looking for more flexibility than ever. Whether that means working from home or giving employees the chance to put in 40 hours according to their own schedule, if your business permits, consider giving workers some freedom to design their workweek. Flexibility to create a schedule that is more ideal for their own personal needs shows workers they are trusted and appreciated.

Talk About Growth

Every employee wants to know they are important and their efforts matter. Make it a habit to review your workers’ career goals and interests and explore their potential for growth in the company. Knowing they are more than just a placeholder shows them their employer is just as invested in their personal success as they are in the future of their business.

These are just a few tips to remember when creating a culture of gratitude in your workplace. While Employee Appreciation Day is a great time to start, make it a habit to tell your employees what you appreciate about their work on a regular basis. Build it into your regular routine with dedicated time at meetings to acknowledge team members or personal notes of appreciation for specific accomplishments. After all, satisfied employees are your best investment.

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