Leinhauser Wins At Trial in Distirct of New Jersey

Brian Leinhauser Wins At Trial in District of New Jersey

Brian H. Leinhauser won a victory for our client, Gami Cruz, on November 12, 2015.  The City of Vineland Officer was cleared of any wrongdoing in a case involving a question about how long it took to secure a residence where a partially clothed woman was present.  The incident arose when three Vineland Police Officers executed a search warrant on a residence pursuant to a narcotics investigation.  Plaintiff alleged that, upon arrival, the Officers held her in a state of partial undress for longer than was necessary to secure the premises for everyone’s safety.  Three officers involved in the execution of the search warrant testified that they secured the premises in a minute or less and allowed Plaintiff to dress immediately after the property was secure.  After two days of testimony from four witnesses, the 8 jurors returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the Detective Cruz and the City of Vineland in just under an hour.