MacMain Wins Defense Verdict For Bethlehem Police Department

David MacMain wins verdict for Bethlehem Police Department.David MacMain scored a defense verdict for a Bethlehem police officer who ran over a suspect when the officer was responding to a suspected burglary in progress call, and was driving his cruiser the wrong way on a one-way street without his lights and sirens on.  The Court, over David’s objection, instructed the jury that the officer was negligent per se and in violation of The Vehicle Code.  David successfully argued that the suspect was more negligent and should have known that another officer, who was responding on foot, was attempting to detain the plaintiff when he ran into the street and into the path of the Officer’s cruiser. Despite the significant injuries, which caused a 2 week hospital stay for the plaintiff and the resulting ‘sympathy’ factor, and the negligent per se instruction, the jury found in favor of our client – the Bethlehem officer.