Is Your Company’s Drug Policy Effective and Enforceable?

Matthew J. Connell, business lawyer advises HR professionals in revising their company's drug policies.Nearly 120,000 residents of Pennsylvania carry medical marijuana cards, enabling them to legally purchase and use cannabis for a variety of conditions ranging from epilepsy to anxiety disorders. This presents a dilemma for many employers because marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

The attorneys at MacMain Connell & Leinhauser believe it is critical for employers to tackle this problem now by addressing the use of medical marijuana in their company drug policies. Matthew J. Connell, a founding partner of MacMain Leinhauser, outlined some of the legal issues facing Pennsylvania employers in a recent article in the Reading Eagle. View the full article here.

Attorney Connell, who sits on a subcommittee convened by the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, warns that revising a company’s drug policy does not automatically mean all employees must be allowed to have medical marijuana. Whether or not an employer allows a given employee to have medical marijuana will depend on the circumstances of the position.

If you have any questions regarding liability or other policy matters concerning medical marijuana, call our legal team at MacMain Connell & Leinhauser at 484-318-7106. We can work with you to draft a road map that can help protect you and your employees as state and federal marijuana laws continue to evolve.